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In this section you will find the products and information of people who have helped me grow and to be successful as a writer, podcaster and with my personal development.

I am sharing with you links of products and books that have helped me tremendously.

It is my wish to help you, and motivate you, so you can find your greatest potential. 

With much love,

Iris Janet


Podcasting has always been my dream! I like to talk, and I like to motivate others. Many of you guest and followers have come to me with the desire to be a podcaster. Well, let me tell you something. It’s easier than what you think! I started podcasting in my bedroom, with my Iphone and with my laptop. With time, I understood its just a matter of the energy you put into things.

I sent the first 4 episodes to my family and friends and they all love it! They were my first audience and they gave me the motivation that I needed to continue. Today we have 47K plus downloads and over 160 reviews.

Now, I spend more money in the podcast than when I begin, because I am doing other things and delegate more. But the truth is, that if I want I can produce and publish my podcast with a few dollars. However, I have to say that I would not be able to do all this if it was not for the many mentors and podcaster out there that are willing to help me be successful and collaborate with my dream.

My first podcaster guru is JLD, without his guidance, I wouldn’t be able to feel confident enough to podcast. John Lee Dumas program will teach you everything you need to know, and you will have a community that help you and support you, and you get a free podcast course. 

The other podcaster that helped me out was Adam from Grow Your ShowGrow Your Show is a marketing service for podcasters, they does everything for your podcast. If you just want to produce content and record and let someone else do the rest for you, Grow Your Show is the way. 


With that said, check out my list and find out how I did it and what I use. 

A Program to learn for Free


If you want to go into the community join at




Podcast recording software

  1. To record and edit my show in the beginning I used Hinderburg. I had worked on radio before so I was familiar with it. It have great tools, it is very professional, but it only give you 30 days free trial.

2. Later when I did not want to spend money, I start using Audacity. 

Audacity is free and it is very good, simple to use and if someone like me who have little to nothing tech knowledge, then I am sure you can use it as well. The tools that Audacity offers are very simple to understands and you can find many YouTube videos that will teach you how to use it.



  1. Microphone

Many people buy a fancy expensive microphone, I did not have the money to buy anything more than $80 so I bought the Samson Technologies Q2U USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone. Let me tell you why I still using this microphone. I record in my house and my neighbors someone times get loud; with this microphone, you won’t catch any other sounds around you. Yes, you need to be a little closer to the mic, but that is not something difficult to do. The price is only $69.99 and comes with all the things that you need to start recording with nothing else to buy.

2. Stand

This was one of the cheapest one I find and work great! Do not have too much wait support but for the price you can beat it. 

Mic Arm Microphone Suspension.

How to find your content

The most important part of podcasting is the content. If you do not have good content only your friends and family will listen to you, and that’s just to do you a favor. So, finding good content depends on you. Once you know your niche and the services you providing to your audience, is only matter  of finding the way to communicate. One of the best and easy way is finding guest who wants to come to your show. I use Podmatch.

Podmatch is for free, but you can also have the paid subscription that offer more srvices, you can buy a subscription for $6 or the proffesional one. I started for free and is not until a few months ago I started the paid one, but the services they offer is worth it. You create your profile and Podmatch will match your podcast with others that have the same audience as you. You can match of to 3 people a day and the program can sync with your Calendly where your matches will schedule the interview with you. Butthat’s not all, you can get pay for interview monthly.

I really like this program!

How to monetize

There are many ways to monetize a podcast, but I only going to tell you the ones that I have tried. AND I do not own the rights of this, this is all the magic that JLD shares with us. The guy is so cool that he tell you exactly what he has done, for you to have the opportunity to do the same. At the end this is what is all about, collaboration and support. Is like my motto said “Emit Your Light and Attract All Your Desires”


Audible Affiliate

If you have a page or a podcast you can join their program and they pay you $15 for every person that click and download their app. You have nothing to lose!! If someone in your audience click, you get the $15 dollars and you have nothing to do other that join the program, they approve you and you start collecting for every click and every download of Audible with your own Audible Link.


This is the same but this program required a little more interaction from you. I have a hard time in the beginning to understand.

You promote the programs you want on your show and you get a piece of the cake too. Yes, Besos will share with you a little bit of that order just for redirecting people to Amazon. Same way as Audible you need to join the program, and for free you become an Amazon Associate, and they help you by giving you the links to the product to market.


This link show you the new way how to find the link now because before March 1st they have another way to get the links.

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